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Bankruptcy attorney are demanding. And why shouldn't they be? Their licenses are at stake each time they file along with their professional reputations. Filing electronically via bankruptcy software quickly became a fact of life for all bankruptcy attorneys, with many jurisdiction today requiring all bankruptcy lawyers file using the federal CM/ECF system. Paperless is the federally mandated future.

When browsing through bankruptcy software available for free evaluations, footnote the following:

  • Is the bankruptcy software program guaranteed to remain compatible with the CM/ECF system, including free updates for all future versions? If not, how long and at what cost?
  • Is the bankruptcy software program in compliance with the recommendations of Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts and their last annual Judicial Conference?
  • Are Chapters 11 & 12 included with the bankruptcy software program if these chapters are potentially important to your practice?
  • Will you be ready with functioning bankruptcy software considering most jurisdiction will require the use CM/ECF for all filing by 2005, for all cases?
  • Will free updates be provided if (when) the Bankruptcy Abuse and Prevention Act passes?
  • Is eNotice to creditors included with the bankruptcy software program, and compatible with the federal system including automatic filing in client files?

A few bankruptcy software programs integrate validation checks through credit reporting agencies. Any discrepancy in information provided by a client and data supplied by major agencies automatically triggers an alert. With pending legislation looming on the horizon which creates personal liability for bankruptcy attorneys for client misrepresentations, this added feature may become a necessity for all bankruptcy attorneys - debtor and creditor alike - when considering motions you must file or defend.

Technical support for attorney bankruptcy software

You'll have at least three compatibility issues. First, does the program import data from your previous program? Secondly, does the manufacture provide technical support for your staff? Third, does CM/ECF officially recognize the program and offer assistance of any kind to log on and continue receiving electronic notices? The time to discover compatibility/incompatibility issues is when selecting bankruptcy software programs to demo.

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