U.S. Bankruptcy Courts - Chapter 13 Judge Duties

Assistance with U.S. Bankruptcy Court Chapter 13 Judge Duties for Debtors

For debtors in Chapter 13 cases, the first appearance in U.S. bankruptcy courts will probably be confirmation hearings. In addition to these important hearings, debtors may be required for additional appearances in U.S. bankruptcy courts.

Judges rule on motions, objections and hear adversary proceedings filed by parties in interest. Trustees may file for a modifications of plan payments. Creditors may request dismissals for non-payment or permission to lift the automatic stays for judicial collection of debts. Debtors sometimes file motions to convert existing Chapter 13 cases to a liquidation through Chapter 7. All of these motions are heard by judges presiding over U.S. bankruptcy courts. When appearing in U.S. bankruptcy courts, debtors are not entitled to a jury which doubles the power and authority of judges to answer both questions of law and questions of fact.

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