Personal Bankruptcy Online Services

Top personal bankruptcy online services and fees

The cost of personal bankruptcy online services varies widely, although the official forms provided remain the same, and presumably, the information included should be identical. Services may charge any price that the market will bare, up to but not exceeding the maximum fee authorized by local court rules. Most courts establish and publish a fee guideline in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases that is available by calling the clerk's office. The savings received by using a processing service will be modest when compared to average attorneys. For example, in a simple Chapter 7 case, attorneys fees may total approximately $750, whereas a form services are available for $200 to $300, and thereafter do not provide legal representation for court appearances, required amendments, motions, responses to objections, and other legal work routinely encountered in consumer cases.

What you get

Expect to receive an original petition, a statement of financial affairs, notice letters to creditors, and official forms which have been completed within the guidelines of your local jurisdiction. Be aware however that all courts maintain local rules that are amended from time to time. Before filing, be sure to call the clerks office and verify the fee charged. Additionally, be sure to verify that the company that prepared your forms updated their policies and procedures in accordance with the latest amended local rules. The best online services update their procedures frequently, and will gladly provide this information.