Bankruptcy Help Advice

Legal bankruptcy help, advice from experts

Experience handling thousands of cases in federal court is the best basis for rendering competent legal advice. As a point of beginning, general information and descriptions are helpful when formulating questions, considering options, and thinking about the range of alternatives that may be available. But before taking any action, bankruptcy help, advice, and legal counsel are essential to avoid costly mistakes. Frequently, the best bankruptcy attorneys are certified by their board of legal specialization in the area of consumer bankruptcy law. But not always.

What board of legal specialization signifies

The process for an attorney to become board certified requires several different qualifications. Each attorney who applies for certification must demonstrate an exceptional level of skill and experience to their state bar organization. in general terms, these requires include:

  • proof of years of practice handling cases pertaining to the area of specialization.
  • positive recommendations of other attorneys who have opposed the applicant in adversary proceedings.
  • passing a written examination administered by the state bar regarding highly technical legal theories, laws, and court procedures.

Frequently, board certified attorneys also are featured speakers at state bar seminars conducted in compliance with continuing legal education requirements. Retaining a board certified specialists from a list of recent state bar speakers almost assures competent legal representation. These list are available from state bar associations free of charge.