File Bankruptcy Online

How to file bankruptcy online fast

The fastest and safest way to file bankruptcy online is through a local attorney. Over 80% of all attorneys who specialize in consumer discharge cases file online using the PACER system. This system permits filing, and more importantly, the assignment of a file stamp after business hours, evenings, and weekends. Optionally, in the comparatively few jurisdictions in which online filing is not available, attorneys are well versed on the process of racing to the courthouse and being first in line to receive the first available file stamp. All file stamps include the hour and minute of filing, which is administrable to prevent further legal action by creditors, and negate actions taken after the moment of filing.

Guaranteed discharge

Each attorney owes their client an unmitigated duty to represent their clients best interest in all circumstances. In addition, because of the ethical duties imposed upon attorneys by their state bar association, the performance requirement is similar to an insurance policy against conflicts of interest and malpractice. If an attorney negligently violates any requirement, a cause of action accrues for the benefit of the client. Either state bar associations or clients individually (through local courts) may enforce this cause of action.