30 Day Online Bankruptcy

A typical 30 day online bankruptcy scenario

Because of recent changes in the law, preparing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 requires greater attention and time to prepare. Nevertheless, a 30 day online bankruptcy remains easily within the grasp of most people. Before filing, all individuals are subject to similar requirements:

  • Complete list of creditors, account numbers, addresses and telephone numbers.
  • Monthly budget of living expenses, including especially housing cost.
  • A balance sheet listing all assets and liabilities.
  • All tax returns must be current and on file with the IRS.
  • Complete a course in credit counseling and budget analysis with an approved course provider.

Be aware, these are minimum requirements, and a successful filing includes a much more in-deepth preparation process. Pre-filing planning should include a thorough legal review of all assets & liabilities, and options under the code. Many common mistakes can be prevented, and the value of assets retained greatly increased, with the assistance of a talented attorney.

Interviewing attorneys

Almost all consumer attorneys offer free initial consultations to discuss legal options. This meeting only becomes relevant when based upon a thorough review of a potential clients financial conditions. The most successful clients provide full disclosure to all attorneys interviewed, and only then decide upon the best attorney based upon these interviews. A consistient list of interview questions and thorough notes makes this decision far easier when comparing answers received.