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Encampment, Wyoming - Court Records

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Wyoming Bankruptcy Records

ᐅ Chad Eric Fillweber, Wyoming

Address: PO Box 6 Encampment, WY 82325-0006

Bankruptcy Case 13-11346-EEB Overview: "The bankruptcy record of Chad Eric Fillweber from Encampment, WY, shows a Chapter 7 case filed in January 31, 2013. In this process, assets were liquidated to settle debts, and the case was discharged in May 12, 2013."
Chad Eric Fillweber — Wyoming, 13-11346

ᐅ Rebecca Ann Jones, Wyoming

Address: PO Box 222 Encampment, WY 82325-0222

Bankruptcy Case 11-20316 Overview: "Encampment, WY resident Rebecca Ann Jones's 2011-03-30 Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, which involved liquidating assets, was discharged by 2011-07-19."
Rebecca Ann Jones — Wyoming, 11-20316

ᐅ Robert E Lamphear, Wyoming

Address: PO Box 532 Encampment, WY 82325-0532

Bankruptcy Case 09-20772 Overview: "Robert E Lamphear's Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Encampment, WY started in August 2009. This plan involved reorganizing debts and establishing a payment plan, concluding in Oct 2, 2012."
Robert E Lamphear — Wyoming, 09-20772

ᐅ Lesley Monette Melius, Wyoming

Address: PO Box 682 Encampment, WY 82325-0682

Bankruptcy Case 16-20195 Overview: "In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, Lesley Monette Melius from Encampment, WY, saw their proceedings start in March 2016 and complete by 06/28/2016, involving asset liquidation."
Lesley Monette Melius — Wyoming, 16-20195

ᐅ Douglas Ray Russell, Wyoming

Address: PO Box 683 Encampment, WY 82325-0683

Concise Description of Bankruptcy Case 11-205737: "The bankruptcy filing by Douglas Ray Russell, undertaken in 2011-05-20 in Encampment, WY under Chapter 7, concluded with discharge in 09/05/2011 after liquidating assets."
Douglas Ray Russell — Wyoming, 11-20573

ᐅ Justin Jay Sifford, Wyoming

Address: PO Box 652 Encampment, WY 82325-0652

Concise Description of Bankruptcy Case 11-203247: "Justin Jay Sifford's bankruptcy, initiated in March 31, 2011 and concluded by 07/19/2011 in Encampment, WY, falls under Chapter 7. This case entailed asset liquidation by a trustee, with the proceeds distributed to creditors."
Justin Jay Sifford — Wyoming, 11-20324