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Bristol, West Virginia - Court Records

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West Virginia Bankruptcy Records

ᐅ Charles Herbert Courtot, West Virginia

Address: 731 Lafone Hollow Rd Bristol, WV 26426-7440

Bankruptcy Case 1:14-bk-01182 Summary: "In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, Charles Herbert Courtot from Bristol, WV, saw his proceedings start in 2014-10-29 and complete by 2015-01-27, involving asset liquidation."
Charles Herbert Courtot — West Virginia, 1:14-bk-01182

ᐅ Marilyn Marie Wall, West Virginia

Address: RR 2 Box 164 Bristol, WV 26426

Bankruptcy Case 1:12-bk-01516 Summary: "Marilyn Marie Wall's bankruptcy, initiated in November 2012 and concluded by 02/19/2013 in Bristol, WV, falls under Chapter 7. This case entailed asset liquidation by a trustee, with the proceeds distributed to creditors."
Marilyn Marie Wall — West Virginia, 1:12-bk-01516