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Bancroft, West Virginia - Court Records

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West Virginia Bankruptcy Records

ᐅ Daryle Wayne Bayless, West Virginia

Address: PO Box 186 Bancroft, WV 25011

Bankruptcy Case 3:11-bk-30608 Summary: "Bancroft, WV resident Daryle Wayne Bayless's 09/29/2011 Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, which involved liquidating assets, was discharged by December 27, 2011."
Daryle Wayne Bayless — West Virginia, 3:11-bk-30608

ᐅ Sara Beth Casto, West Virginia

Address: PO Box 66 Bancroft, WV 25011-0066

Brief Overview of Bankruptcy Case 3:16-bk-30303: "The case of Sara Beth Casto in Bancroft, WV, demonstrates a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filed in 2009 and discharged early 2010, focusing on asset liquidation to repay creditors."
Sara Beth Casto — West Virginia, 3:16-bk-30303

ᐅ Jr Joseph Holloway, West Virginia

Address: PO Box 111 Bancroft, WV 25011

Snapshot of U.S. Bankruptcy Proceeding Case 3:10-bk-30344: "The bankruptcy record of Jr Joseph Holloway from Bancroft, WV, shows a Chapter 7 case filed in 2010-04-23. In this process, assets were liquidated to settle debts, and the case was discharged in 2010-08-09."
Jr Joseph Holloway — West Virginia, 3:10-bk-30344

ᐅ Clarence Wayne Lovejoy, West Virginia

Address: PO Box E Bancroft, WV 25011

Bankruptcy Case 3:11-bk-30607 Summary: "Clarence Wayne Lovejoy's Chapter 7 bankruptcy, filed in Bancroft, WV in Sep 29, 2011, led to asset liquidation, with the case closing in Dec 27, 2011."
Clarence Wayne Lovejoy — West Virginia, 3:11-bk-30607

ᐅ Sue Ann Milligan, West Virginia

Address: PO Box 275 Bancroft, WV 25011

Bankruptcy Case 3:11-bk-30693 Summary: "The bankruptcy filing by Sue Ann Milligan, undertaken in November 2011 in Bancroft, WV under Chapter 7, concluded with discharge in 2012-03-01 after liquidating assets."
Sue Ann Milligan — West Virginia, 3:11-bk-30693

ᐅ Mary Jane Ord, West Virginia

Address: PO Box 262 Bancroft, WV 25011-0262

Bankruptcy Case 3:2014-bk-30124 Summary: "Mary Jane Ord's bankruptcy, initiated in 03.28.2014 and concluded by 06/26/2014 in Bancroft, WV, falls under Chapter 7. This case entailed asset liquidation by a trustee, with the proceeds distributed to creditors."
Mary Jane Ord — West Virginia, 3:2014-bk-30124

ᐅ Barry Kent Staats, West Virginia

Address: PO Box 175 Bancroft, WV 25011-0175

Bankruptcy Case 3:15-bk-30031 Overview: "Barry Kent Staats's bankruptcy, initiated in 01.28.2015 and concluded by 04/28/2015 in Bancroft, WV, falls under Chapter 7. This case entailed asset liquidation by a trustee, with the proceeds distributed to creditors."
Barry Kent Staats — West Virginia, 3:15-bk-30031