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Budd David Whitney - Stanley, North Dakota


ᐅ Whitney, Budd David - Stanley, North Dakota (Court Case:4:12-bk-10889)

Bankruptcy filed - May 2012, discharged - August 2015
Full Name: Budd David Whitney 
Court Case:   4:12-bk-10889
Chapter 13: Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides distinct advantages compared to Chapter 7, particularly in aiding individuals to prevent home foreclosure. It enables pausing foreclosure and settling overdue mortgage payments over time, while maintaining current mortgage dues. This chapter also offers debt restructuring opportunities for secured debts, extending the repayment period and potentially lowering payments. Notably, Chapter 13 includes provisions safeguarding co-signers on consumer debts from liability. It operates similarly to a consolidation loan, where the debtor pays the trustee, who then disburses funds to creditors, avoiding direct interaction between the debtor and creditors.
Filed: May 15, 2012
Discharged: August 13, 2015