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Roy William Rickert - Bismarck, North Dakota


ᐅ Rickert, Roy William - Bismarck, North Dakota (Court Case:10-71504)

Bankruptcy filed - May 2010, discharged - March 2015
Full Name: Roy William Rickert 
Court Case:   10-71504
Chapter 13: Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers several benefits over Chapter 7, especially for individuals looking to avoid losing their homes. It allows for the temporary halting of foreclosure processes, giving homeowners the chance to catch up on missed mortgage payments through a structured plan, while staying current on their ongoing mortgage obligations. Additionally, this chapter provides avenues for restructuring secured debts, which can extend repayment terms and may reduce the amount of each payment. A key feature of Chapter 13 is its protection for co-signers on consumer debts, shielding them from being held liable. The process functions in a manner akin to a consolidation loan, with the debtor making payments to a trustee, who then allocates these funds to the creditors, thereby eliminating the need for direct contact between the debtor and creditors.
Filed: May 06, 2010
Discharged: March 26, 2015