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Donnie Everett Smith - Alturas, Florida


ᐅ Smith, Donnie Everett - Alturas, Florida (Court Case:8:07-bk-04013)

Bankruptcy filed - May 2007, discharged - August 2012
Full Name: Donnie Everett Smith 
Court Case:   8:07-bk-04013
Chapter 13: Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers several benefits over Chapter 7, especially for homeowners facing foreclosure. It allows individuals to halt foreclosure processes and gradually catch up on overdue mortgage payments, although ongoing mortgage payments must be maintained. This chapter also permits the restructuring of secured debts (except primary residence mortgages), potentially reducing payments by extending them over the plan's duration. A unique feature of Chapter 13 is the protection it offers to co-signers on consumer debts, shielding them from liability. Additionally, Chapter 13 consolidates debts, enabling individuals to make payments to a trustee who then pays creditors, eliminating direct creditor contact.
Filed: May 14, 2007
Discharged: August 07, 2012