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Alpaugh, California - Court Records

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California Bankruptcy Records

ᐅ Brenda Allen, California

Address: PO Box 302 Alpaugh, CA 93201

Bankruptcy Case 10-63470 Summary: "The bankruptcy filing by Brenda Allen, undertaken in 2010-11-22 in Alpaugh, CA under Chapter 7, concluded with discharge in March 14, 2011 after liquidating assets."
Brenda Allen — California, 10-63470

ᐅ Felix Bocanegra, California

Address: PO Box 45 Alpaugh, CA 93201-0045

Brief Overview of Bankruptcy Case 15-14890: "Alpaugh, CA resident Felix Bocanegra's 12/23/2015 Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, which involved liquidating assets, was discharged by 2016-03-22."
Felix Bocanegra — California, 15-14890

ᐅ Jimmy D Bontrager, California

Address: PO Box 211 Alpaugh, CA 93201-0211

Bankruptcy Case 16-11304 Overview: "In Alpaugh, CA, Jimmy D Bontrager filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in April 2016. This case, involving liquidating assets to pay off debts, was resolved by 2016-07-14."
Jimmy D Bontrager — California, 16-11304

ᐅ Everardo Mendoza, California

Address: PO Box 214 Alpaugh, CA 93201-0214

Brief Overview of Bankruptcy Case 14-10440: "In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, Everardo Mendoza from Alpaugh, CA, saw their proceedings start in January 30, 2014 and complete by 04/30/2014, involving asset liquidation."
Everardo Mendoza — California, 14-10440