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Edward Y Hammonds - Albany, California


ᐅ Hammonds, Edward Y - Albany, California (Court Case:12-45763)

Bankruptcy filed - July 2012, discharged - October 2012
Full Name: Edward Y Hammonds 
Court Case:   12-45763
Chapter 7: In the framework of Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a structured repayment plan is central, differing significantly from scenarios where assets are liquidated to satisfy debts. Here, rather than resorting to the sale of the debtor's nonexempt property, a managed plan allows for debt resolution while the debtor retains their property. This method involves organizing payments to creditors, overseen by a trustee, without the need to liquidate assets. It's designed to protect certain assets from being sold, providing a path for debtors to avoid the potential loss of property while addressing their financial obligations.
Filed: July 08, 2012
Discharged: October 24, 2012