Help with Filing Bankruptcy

Top 3 sources for free help filing bankruptcy for debtors

Law school legal clinics are common. Usually, law students participate without course credit, and hope to develop the necessary skills to begin a new career. Most law student who choose to participate are highly motivated and are supervised by law professors who distinguished themselves in private practice. The result? Law professors teach the highest ethical standard through hands on experience and ensure all advice remains state-of-the-art. The brightest law students are eager to learn, and if encourage by sincere appreciation for their effort, routinely provide the equivalent of thousands of dollars in legal fees, without charge.

Pro bono services (free representation) may be available from area practitioners. Although pro bono practice is not mandatory, most state bar associations strongly encourage all member attorneys to donate at least a dozen hours each year to someone in need. Most often, attorneys seek out new and/or novel legal issues with the potential to expand more favorable law through court decisions.

Legal Aid Societies generally qualify applicants based on both income and assets. Average homeowners rarely qualify. Anyone earning over minimum wage should expect difficulty qualifying. For more information, contact your local bar association.

Experienced help with filing bankruptcy

Each of the above options presumes a certain level of inexperience. Through no fault of their own, legal aid attorneys serve a wide assortment of clients in all areas of practice. Law students, by definition, are still learning and do not have court room experience. A licensed attorney who depends on an active court schedule to maintain a healthy practice naturally develops instinct and skill practicing before the Court. When a high level of experience is concentrated in Chapter 7 & 13 consumer cases, the difference in results received by clients is simply amazing. What is this difference? General parishioners read the law for compliance. Experienced specialists already know all applicable laws, and push the edge of creative interpretation daily, to test the outer limit of the Court's tolerance.

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