Filing Bankruptcy Online

Alternatives for filing bankruptcy online under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

The PACER system is a federal database maintained by the Court system. Access requires payment of a fee whether via the internet or direct-dial access. Almost all attorneys file cases online. In fact, many courts only permit attorneys to file case on behalf of their clients through online electronic access. Nevertheless, pro se debtors are usually not permitted to file through the PACER system and certainly, cannot pay filing fees with a credit card because of the Court's fear of discharging their own filing fee. Attorneys generally do not offer document preparation services for debtors with online filing options. If an attorney file documents for any client, the court hold attorneys responsible as if representing the client throughout the entire process.

Filing Bankruptcy Online Without An Attorney

Certainly, you will find many attorneys and services online. Most attorneys are willing to accommodate debtors via email, yet at some point, you must sign documents. All ethical attorneys prefer to meet each client in person, verify identity, and develop a personal level of comfort and assurance with each new client. This contact is essential, because under new laws, each attorney representing debtors becomes personally liable in many new circumstances for misrepresentations, errors and omissions contained within documents filed with the Court.

Attorneys may be sanctioned by the court if negligently permitting misrepresentations. As a result, few attorneys are willing to risk personal liability for anyone who is unwilling to introduce themselves in person. Expect all attorneys to request a valid photo I.D., and to request permission to perform a background verification. Once you establish an attorney/client relationship and sign documents, few debtors are required to appear in court until the meeting of the creditors (11 U.S.C. Sec. 341) in ordinary cases.

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