South Dakota Bankruptcy Exemptions

Filing time limit for South Dakota bankruptcy exemption approval

Court procedures determine how and when South Dakota bankruptcy exemptions must be filed. All filings, disclosures and time limits are strictly enforced, and failure to comply with court requirements usually results in dismissal if failing to file core documents. Optional elections may not result in dismissal, but just as importantly may result in a waiver of rights and substantially defeat expected relief. The most effective practice, and the normal procedure for the best South Dakota bankruptcy lawyers, submits all documents, disclosures and elections in a single document set for simultaneous verification by the clerk. With a file stamp from the clerk's office, compliance with filing deadlines is assured.

The time limit for filing South Dakota exempt property list

Rule 1007(c) of the Fed. Rules Bk. Proc. prescribes time limits for all schedules and forms, including the time limit for filing a list of South Dakota bankruptcy exemptions. In all cases, the debtor's claim form for exemptions must be presented to clerk for filing within 15 days of the original petition. In rare circumstances, the court may grant an extensions of the time limit, which requires a hearing to show cause, and substantial justification for approval. The trustee must receive notice of all motions to extend time limits and be afforded an opportunity to object.