New Hampshire Bankruptcy Exemptions

Special considerations claiming New Hampshire bankruptcy exemptions after reform

Claiming the New Hampshire bankruptcy exemptions on Schedule H is fairly straight forward. All property claimed must be individually listed, with a corresponding cite to the rule of law relied upon for entitlement to the exemption. In a few circumstances however, the nature of property may be uncertain, as in various forms of lost wage compensation for past earnings. In most cases, past lost wages are exempt up to the amount reasonably necessary for support. Judges determine reasonableness, according to a new federal reform standard.

Special items for consideration

The miscellaneous items contained within the New Hampshire bankruptcy exemption list include child support payments received, compensation for crime victims, unemployment compensation to the extent needed for support, and many other public assistance payments. Additionally several protected classes of public employees receive an exemption for pensions (firefighters, police others and sitting judges). Conspicuously absent, debtors should pay special attention to retirement accounts, IRAs, and Keogh accounts. Contact a New Hampshire bankruptcy attorney for more information.