Idaho Bankruptcy Exemptions

Application of Idaho bankruptcy exemptions in liquidation and repayment plans

In practice, the application of Idaho bankruptcy exemptions affects both Chapter 7 and 13. In liquidation cases, the homestead claimed, if any, each item of personal property must be specifically disclosed in claim form H, and supported by statutory cite of authority allowing retention. In repayment plans, exemptions are used as part of a confirmation test to determine if the best interest of creditors would be served by forcing debtors into liquidation. The value amounts of property claimed as exempt must be supportable by current appraisal, based on current equity.

Status of reform in the Washington D.C. mind-set

Reform frenzy is rampant in Washington. Years old traditions have been swept aside in favor of the implementation of agendas promoted by a few of the wealthiest and most powerful special interest groups in the U.S. Financial service companies, including banks, credit card companies, and consumer credit acceptance corporations, cooperated in a highly successful repeal of prior consumer protection laws, and influenced enactment of new lower standards for protection of all citizens.