Georgia Bankruptcy Exemptions

Attorney assistance with the Georgia bankruptcy exemptions and homestead allowance

When filing Chapter 7, the Georgia bankruptcy exemption law is the sole source of allowed property retained. A few states permit debtors to choose between Code exemptions or state law, yet the State of Georgia does not permit this option. Values provided by Georgia exemptions are low by national standards, and replete with legal snares that could trip unsuspected homeowners. For most debtors, the assistance of a Georgia attorney who is acutely familiar with recent new law reform changes is essential to protect the Georgia homestead exemption and may require filing a designation to ensure enforceability.

Finding Georgia Homestead Exemption Attorneys For Designation

Any attorney may prepare a formal designation. Yet because of recent changes in federal law, proper preparation and timing are vital if considering Chapter 7 or 13. Georgia bankruptcy attorneys who are familiar with these changes and the GA Real Property Code amendments are the best source of current information and legal help. The State Bar also maintains a list of Georgia bankruptcy attorneys in Atlanta, Savannah, and throughout the state.