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Locating districts & divisions for bankruptcy forms & instructions

To download official bankruptcy forms (including filing instructions, local rules, supplemental forms and required disclosures to avoid mandatory dismissal), you must contact the appropriate U.S. Bankruptcy District within your state of residency through your local U.S. Bankruptcy Division. Finding the appropriate source is easy. Each division provides free bankruptcy forms via internet download. To find your source for free bankruptcy forms and instructions, see:

Official Bankruptcy Forms - Free

How to locate appropriate districts and divisions for bankruptcy forms & instructions

  1. Note that districts are only northern, southern, eastern, western, central or middle. A few states are not divided into separate districts, and are referred to as the "Federal District of Some State".
  2. Note that divisions are typically located in cities of approximately 50,000 population or higher.
  3. Use this format in your favorite internet search engine: US Bankruptcy Court - northern, southern, eastern western - District - your state - Division - major city.
  4. All official sites have either a locations, divisions or information pages on the internet.
  5. The location/division page will list counties (or parishes) within it's jurisdiction to verify you are contacting the correct court.
  6. Most official court sites maintain web sites which detail all forms and documents required in a particular division to initiate bankruptcy. Once filed, the automatic stay provided by Title 11 U.S.C. 362 acts as an injunction against all further collection efforts.


  • Bankruptcy forms change regularly.
  • Free bankruptcy forms are not guaranteed by the courts.
  • Local rules may amend bankruptcy form requirements.
  • Different bankruptcy forms are required under each chapter.
  • Information provided in bankruptcy forms is under oath.
  • If you have questions regarding bankruptcy forms, contact a qualified attorney.

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