Bankruptcy Forms

Use bankruptcy forms effectively by locating necessary information

You will need many common items that are easily accessible such as names, addresses and social security numbers. Be sure to spell all items exactly the same to prevent a computer program from generating inconsistencies. Approximately 50% of all bankruptcy cases are filed electronically and courts are cable of screening all documents filed for what may appear to a computer to be an inconsistent answer.

For instances, use your complete name each time your name is requested by spelling out your middle name. If you use bankruptcy software of course this is done for you. But if you fill out forms manually, small variances may go unnoticed until your free bankruptcy forms appear on a computer generated alert. Street names and abbreviations are a particularly common culprit. You will also need the names addresses and account numbers for closed bank accounts, prior residences and business ventures to complete bankruptcy forms, even though these organizations may no longer remain in operation.

Including account information within free bankruptcy forms supplied by the courts

You will need the name, address, amounts owed and account number for all creditors. This Information will appear at least twice when filling in your free bankruptcy forms. First, your creditors will be included in your list of creditors (sometimes called a mailing matrix) to send official notices. Second, you must itemize all creditors within your bankruptcy forms schedules that will be affected by your filing. If you miss even one, that creditor will not be subject to any action taken by the bankruptcy court including the Title 11 U.S.C. 362 automatic stay which prevents further collection efforts and lawsuits.


  • Bankruptcy forms change regularly.
  • Free bankruptcy forms are not guaranteed by the courts.
  • Local rules may amend bankruptcy form requirements.
  • Different bankruptcy forms are required under each chapter.
  • Information provided in bankruptcy forms is under oath.
  • If you have questions regarding bankruptcy forms, contact a qualified attorney.

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