Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Why some alternatives to bankruptcy work best

The irony endures - all professionals tend to recommend the type of service in which they are expertly qualified above all others. This bias is natural because of the interest and confidence that develops over the course of years of practice. For individuals however, the best choice is usually the one that produces the most satisfying result, whether choosing lawyers, lenders or counselors as your personal representative. All professionals you consider should be competent explaining both advantages and disadvantages of all alternatives to bankruptcy.

Selecting competent professionals

Licensed professionals almost always owe their customers ethical duties, including competence, full disclosure, and informed consent. Ethical professionals welcome an opportunity to discuss options and alternatives with their prospective customers and clients. In rare cases - those in which high pressure tactics or unresponsive answers predominate - you would be wise to select a different provider. The best initial personal advisor is the one that instills you with confidence that your best interest, not theirs, is the driving force for all recommendations.

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