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Quality answers in personal bankruptcy cases under Chapter 7 & 13

Quality of life matters. While we all enjoy seeing a heroic stand, the most profitable course of action usually flows from a willingness to consider new options. If nothing changes, results tend to repeat. Yet at some point, if results continue to be disappointing, all successful people eventually seek a positive method of improvement. What is most important? What can be done today?

Compare options - the most profitable legal and non-bankruptcy options

Think about it. If you talk to insurance salesman you will be advised to purchase more insurance. If you meet with a personal trainer, you will be advised to workout using their favorite technique. Lawyers, banks, consolidation lenders and credit counselors behave much the same way. These professionals almost always recommend their own services above all others. This bias is natural because of the special interest and familiarity inherent in professional development. But be careful. The most common mistake made by financially strained debtors is the failure to adequately consider all available options before reaching a decision. Few laypersons appreciate the pitfalls which snare most debtors when seeking debt relief.

Remember your goal - to identify the best option to serve your personal needs today and the future.

When financial problems become eminent, you must become your own best advocate. Do not be swayed by the confidence and assurance of only one person - which may result in a regrettable decision. In an ideal world, all debtors have access to trusted financial consultants - advisors who obtain second and third legal opinions, generate numerous loan offers, perform exhaustive research on the effectiveness of credit counseling, and provide accurate financial evaluations of the probability of success for each strategy. But such a lavish service is simply too expensive for most individuals, especially those who are already financially strained.

What if this service was available, without charge or obligation, would you be interested? Would you be curious if a report were prepared for you tomorrow, including a side-by-side analysis of the costs, benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of the top 10 financial options available to you today? Truly, a free report, without obligation of any kind?

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