Questions About Personal Bankruptcy

Asking the right personal bankruptcy questions before filing

Answers are available, yet more importantly, an understanding of the overall process is essential. The first step is to develop broad awareness of both bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy solutions. Only then, questions and answers may be targeted for the most profitable and effective means of reaching your personal goals.

Knowing black-letter law is not enough. The most successful financial recoveries are designed to apply the law for maximum benefit, within the limitations of allowable practices. See the difference? One person may follow mandates while the next explores opportunities. Through experience, most people eventually realize that blindly following the advice of others, without question, produces dismal results. A far better approach when solving financial puzzles begins with expertise in the law, yet goes a step further, to discover the maximum permissible use of the law when protecting your best interest. This concept is most elegantly expressed within the Cannons of Ethics promoted by State Bar Associations in every US state - all lawyers must swear an oath to "zealously represent the best interests of their clients at all times."

All rational people seek advice and quality solutions to nagging questions

Information drives the world. Yet, few people have the time to develop expertise in numerous legal and financial arenas. Even Board Certified Bankruptcy Attorneys who specialize in representing individual debtors must constantly research the law for answers to new questions. This continual process of legal study is essential for lawyers because the law evolves daily as do options and alternatives. Similarly, small changes in interest rates today may result in large variations in the effectiveness of bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy alternatives at any given time.

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