Oregon Bankruptcy Law (OR)

How mistakes under Oregon law may be corrected by an attorney cause of action

No one plans to make mistakes, yet malpractice is a fact of life and affects both client and attorney adversely. A few of the more common mistakes made by Oregon bankruptcy law attorneys include omission of creditors, claims, ands assets. Any of these top three errors may result in substantial harm to debtor/clients, and as a result, if caused by malpractice, may entitle clients to recover damages. Two avenues of relief are available to recover damages. Any client may file a grievance with the State Bar of Oregon, or alternatively, file a private cause of action. The State Bar remedy tends to award actual damages only, whereas a private cause of action may also include consequential damages, costs and expenses required to prosecute judgment.

The best option of course is to avoid Oregano malpractice altogether. The quality, reputation and veracity of any attorney you consider should be spotless. State Bar associations, city bar associations, and county organizations all maintain lawyer referral programs that include areas of legal specialization. These programs are almost always provided free of charge. As a second defense, all clients should also review their documents carefully before filing. Miscommunication is a common culprit, and sometimes results in skewed disclosures. A few hours reviewing documents and asking any pertinent questions can prevent unnecessary problems.