Ohio Bankruptcy Law (OH)

Formulating interview questions for Ohio law issues

Interview questions for Ohio bankruptcy law attorneys play a vital role in determining several important results in all cases. Preparation, questions and answers deserve careful consideration. The initial meeting should be free of charge, with ample opportunity to ask questions and receive free legal advice regarding Ohio bankruptcy laws, rules, and practices in use today. This meeting will be much more productive for all potential clients bring along a list of creditors, amounts owed, and any questionable liability documents. Most attorneys and law forms permit up to one hour for the initial meeting.

All reputable attorneys and law firms require truthful information. These attorneys routinely deal with difficult questions of law daily, and if allowed ample time to prepare, can form a defense \for almost any situation. Clients who withhold negative or adverse information only penalize themselves, and if discovered later, usually results in termination of the attorney-client relationship.

A few of the most important questions to ask relate to prior transfers out of the normal course of daily living. Selling vehicles, boats, jewelry, and other non-exempt assets in the weeks and months before filing always receive a high level of scrutiny by trustees.