New Hampshire Bankruptcy Law (NH)

The extent of the New Hampshire homestead exemption value allowance

The State of New Hampshire provides an extensive statutory list of exemptions that may be claimed when filing. Of course, these exemptions are subject to amendment for coverage and total value allowed for specific items, and categorical limits, yet items of property deemed essential to maintain work are allowed. New Hampshire opted out of Section 522, and does not allow state residents to alternatively claim federal exemptions.

According to New Hampshire bankruptcy laws, individuals may claim a homestead exemption including land, improvements, incorporeal herididements and appurtenances thereto, inclusive of an attached trailer, mobile home or manufactured housing dwelling, up to a total market value of equity owned in the amount of $30,000. In addition, ordinary items of personal property are allowed including many public service pensions and retirement benefits. For more information regarding New Hampshire exemptions, see exemptions above.