Kansas Bankruptcy Law (KS)

Finding Kansas Chapter 7 and 13 Attorneys With Referral Programs

Most people who file bankruptcy in Kansas are forced into action. A joint study funded by the two largest credit card companies concluded that over 80% of filings are not caused by reckless spending, but rather, and the direct result of unexpected financial emergencies. The primary cause of filing has historical been related to debilitating personal injuries, health issues and illness, and the predominance of divorce. When any of these three top reasons for filing add financial strain to an already delicate balance, Kansas residents may a few options left. At a time when money is short, most people consider saving money rather than discovering their rights with the assistance of an attorney.

Most Kansas bankruptcy attorneys and law firms (that represent debtors) offer a free consultation to become familiar with bankruptcy alternatives. These meetings create an excellent forum for asking questions, exploring options, and receiving free legal advice. If you do not already know a qualified lawyer or law firm in your county, the Kansas State Bar Association maintains a free public referral program.