Iowa Bankruptcy Law (IA)

Iowa citizen rights in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases

When Iowa citizens file bankruptcy Chapter 7 cases, or Chapter 13 plans, the federal Code controls all filing regulations. The original petition and request for relief, along with all required forms and schedules, must be tendered to the Clerk of the court with strict time limits. Also know that Iowa state laws also apply, and determining, to a large extent, what property and potential liability must be included within these forms and schedules.

Conflicts of complex financial laws are inevitable. When applying both federal and state laws to determine creditor rights, judges are provide generous grants of authority to resolve legal issues. In the event various judges located in different courts reach different conclusions of law, each debtor has a vested right to file an appeal. One of the primary purposes of appellate courts is the resolution of conflicts of law. In this way, a single court resolves differences and creates a single national standard. Iowa debtors filing Chapter 7 and consumer Chapter 13 cases maintain this right.