Alaska Bankruptcy Law (AK)

The implications of Alaska state law upon Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases and procedural aspects of filing

The implications of state law in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 (both of which are federal proceedings) cause many debtors a feeling of uneasiness. Conflicts of law nevertheless remain minimal in most cases. State laws determine real estate titles, rights and duties. State law determines the extent of property exemptions in Alaska, because the federal exemptions under Section 522 are simply not available. Alaskan state laws form an integral part of all cases, and include collection rights and duties, contractual disputes, tort liability, and a wide assortment of personal rights and duties related to claims and the integrity of claims.

Divorce issues frequently arise because of the incident of financial distress, marital problems, and the necessity of seek court protection to prevent waste and or seizure of assets. For many debtors, filing is an unfortunate last resort that may be prevented, in most circumstances, by careful advance planning.