Rhode Island Bankruptcy Courts (RI)

Rhode Island Bankruptcy Lawyers and The State and Federal Court Systems

Few debtors tread into the Rode Island Bankruptcy Court system without the assistance of an able lawyer. Rhode Island bankruptcy lawyers offer expertise in state and federal law which apply in Chapter 13 & 7 cases filed with the court. Finding a lawyer is easy, but finding a highly qualified specialists at an affordable costs requires a little more effort. The Rhode Island State Bar provides an easy point of begging, through their free lawyer referral program. These lawyers are identified by location, specialty, board certifications, year of admission, and you may also review their public disciplinary recorded, if any. Be sure to qualify all lawyers you consider, and require spotless credentials and a compatible working relationship.

Rhode Island Bankruptcy Court Locations:

There is only one Rhode Island Bankruptcy Court Division located in Providence.

Rhode Island bankruptcy attorneys specializing in consumer cases should be quite familiar with the Local Rules promulgated by the Clerk of Rhode Island court. Attorneys use the rules daily to ensure compliance with the filing procedure, notice requirements, supplemental schedules and forms, and other procedural and technical guidelines to ensure smooth administration of cases. Most attorney who regularly represent consumers maintain an online account with the clerk, so that online filing is available 24/7 in the event of emergencies, foreclosures and evictions that must be stopped.