Oregon Bankruptcy Courts (OR)

Dealing with problem creditors through the Oregon Courts and Code options

Too many home owners wait until the eleventh hour when dealing with problem creditors. The scenario is familiar: debtors rush to the nearest attorney with a notice of foreclosure in hand. What options do I have? How can I keep my home? How do I stop the mortgage company from evicting my family? Certainly, filing will save homes from foreclosure, but eventually, arrearages must be paid or the Oregon Bankruptcy Court will lift the "stay" and allow mortgage companies to continue their collection actions. The key to success for all debtors is found through planning. Chapter 13 plans may include acreage in the plan and create the legal fiction, as a matter of law, that assumes all payments are current.

Several Oregon Bankruptcy Courts Are Available For State Residents:

Oregon Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Bend, Coos Bay, Dallas, Eugene, Klamath Falls, Medford, Pendleton, Portland, Roseburg, and Seaside.

Apartment leases, land lords and renters are all affected by the automatic stay. Oregon evictions are stopped, yet land lords may file a motion to lift stay and proceed with forcing tenants out of their homes. To prevent eviction, eventual rent payment is required in all but the most peculiar cases, and additionally, land lords may refuse to renew leases upon expiration. To prevent these woes from becoming catastrophic, each person in Oregon should become familiar with their full range of alternatives well before an eviction notice ruins the day.