Ohio Bankruptcy Courts (OH)

Small business owners and Ohio Bankruptcy court policies for review

Personal business debts are dischargeable in both Chapter 13 and 7 cases. Small business owners, including sole proprietors, partners, and Sub Chapter S Corporations , may discharge both personal and business liabilities within only one case filing. In Chapter 13 cases, if the business earns regular monthly income sufficient for qualification, business accounts are subject to restructure, and avoidance similar as in Chapter 11 cases. The Ohio Bankruptcy Court reviews all small business owners somewhat more closely than ordinary wage earners, simply because of the greater variety and complexity of issues involved.

Multiple Ohio Bankruptcy Court Locations, As Follows:

Ohio Northern Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Jefferson, Mansfield, Toledo, and Youngstown.

Ohio Southern Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Portsmouth, Steubenville, and Zanesville.

Note - equipment leases, trade accounts, service contracts, revolving credit accounts may all be discharged if listed with schedules. If omitted, these ordinary debts remain unaffected by any subsequent court action. Other common omissions include cosigner liability, vicarious liability for lawsuits, and personal guarantees. To the largest extent possible, all liabilities should be included in all cases, which allows for the largest reorganization and or discharge allowed under the Code. Conversely, if liabilities are omitted, courts may construe the omission as an intentional act of noncompliance.