North Dakota Bankruptcy Courts (ND)

Ethical Standards for North Dakota Bankruptcy court Judges and Judicial Conduct Review

The prevalence of State Bar programs ensure that all clients are aware that ethical standards (cannons of ethics) apply to all lawyers. Less known, judges are also subject to a ridged set of ethical standards for judicial conduct. Merely because judges are immune from personal liability for official actions, judges nevertheless also remain responsible for their conduct in accordance with rules of ethics promulgated by the State Bar of North Dakota. All North Dakota Bankruptcy Court judges are federal appointees, yet also licensed by the State Bar so that abrogation of state rules may result in official inquires.

The Only North Dakota Bankruptcy Court Locations:

North Dakota Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks, and Minot.

Too many neophyte lawyers attempt to venerate judges rather than contest questionable decisions. A professional demeanor is always required, and the best results are obtained by experienced North Dakota bankruptcy lawyers who remain constantly willing to explore options and alternatives aggressively, within the bounds of professional curtsey and respect.