New Jersey Bankruptcy Courts (NJ)

Free New jersey Bankruptcy Forms Online with Instructions for immediate download

The Clerk of the New Jersey Bankruptcy Court provides complementary filing forms to all interested parties. The catalog of available publications includes filing instructions, assorted schedules and forms, applications for installment fees, and various related documents. Forms may be submitted to the clerks office via diskette, or alternatively, attorneys who maintain an online account may file 24/7. All free New Jersey bankruptcy forms are available online. Use caution however, because standing alone, forms provide little meaningful guidance. The filing instructions are intended as a procedural guide, and the New Jersey court is prohibited to provide any party interested in cases before the court with legal advice. The solemn duty of the court is to remain a neutral and unbiased authority responsible for the application of law.

Divisions of the New Jersey Bankruptcy Court System:

The New Jersey Bankruptcy Court Divisions include Camden, Newark, and Trenton.

All debtors who file, regardless of legal representation, should conscientiously verify the truthfulness and accuracy of all schedules and disclosures. Report any inaccurate information to your attorney immediately, and require edits, corrections and revisions as necessary. Attorney are responsible for correctly transcribing information provided by clients, so that a client mistake providing information will be replicated in subsequent forms, and potentially cause both client and attorney unnecessary complications.