New Hampshire Bankruptcy Courts (NH)

Abusive creditors and New Hampshire Court sanctions for contempt of court

Most consumer cases include mortgages, auto loans and substantial credit card balances. As the typically smallest creditors without security, ironically, credit card companies are the most likely to cross the ethical line when dealing with debtors. Unfounded threats, abusive tactics, and odious arguments are common. Debtors who are represented by an attorney are shielded from these regrettable tactics. In the event creditors violate the Code or attendant rules of procedure, all debtors and/or their attorneys may file a motion for sanctions against any offending party.

Appearing At the New Hampshire Bankruptcy Court Building:

The New Hampshire Bankruptcy Court Division is located in Manchester.

Expect the New Hampshire Court to deride any party who asserts unfounded, trivial, or frivolous allegations without substantial justification. This standard of review, "substantial justification", is a term of legal art contained within the new amendments that became effective in late 2005. Although meddlesome creditors are not specifically included within the purview of new statutes, do expect judges to apply the same standard to all parties appearing before the court. New Hampshire judges have little patience for cavalier attempts to abuse debtors or cause needless attorney fees and expenses defending specious motions.