Nevada Bankruptcy Courts (NV)

The IRS role in Nevada Bankruptcy Court when taxes remain unpaid

The IRS plays a vital role in all cases filed in the Nevada Bankruptcy Courts. As a condition precedent for relief, all tax returns for prior years must be current. Additionally, all unpaid back taxes, whether disclosed, assessed, unassessed, or undisclosed, and all alleged taxes must be included with the debtors schedule of liabilities. For most debtors, the simplest and most effective solution is to bring current all IRS returns before filing, and in the event substantial back taxes are owed, carefully weigh your options under all Chapters.

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The Nevada Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Elko, Ely, Las Vegas, and Reno.

It may seem sometimes that the IRS exists solely to vex, castigate and accuse hard working citizens during their worst hour. In practice, IRS agents do not enact the statutes they enforce, nor establish policies regarding liens, levies or seizures. In large part, IRS agents are merely employees following orders, and just as importantly, the internal policies established by regional directors. Debtors who must confront IRS tax problems in bankruptcy often discover that specialized representation for negotiation and settlement of tax issues, with the assistance of a tax attorney who specializes in these matters, minimized tax claims, and in some cases, eliminates tax liability altogether.