Missouri Bankruptcy Courts (MO)

New Laws in the Missouri Bankruptcy Courts Restrict many debtor choices

New challenges encountered by Chapter 7 debtors today resulted from striking reform at the behest of large credit card companies. Qualification is significantly more arduous. Complexity in new qualification formulas is intentionally designed to exclude more than two-thirds of all filings. Anyone owning excessive assets, income flow, or modest debts encounters constricting repudiation of terms of the Federal Code, yet with the assistance of legal counsel, most people will still qualify when planning at least 60 days in advance. To ameliorate problems, prepared debtors will eke out victory despite ennui dealing with dubious tactics targeting midlevel citizens.

Missouri Bankruptcy Court Locations:

The Missouri Eastern Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Cape Girardeau, Hannibal, and St. Louis.

The Missouri Western Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Jefferson City, Joplin, Kansas City, Springfield, and St. Joseph.

Temerarious debtors are not tolerated by the Missouri Bankruptcy Courts. For successful discharge of all debts, under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, each person must be willing to explore options, provide full disclosure, and tread a narrow path through the Code. Creditors today have grown more combative than ever before, and enjoy an expansive list of tools and resources provided under the code. Nevertheless, with persistence and quality guidance, full and complete discharge of all debts is available in as little as four months.