Minnesota Bankruptcy Courts (MN)

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In all but nominal cases, pro se debtors rarely, if ever, retain the maximum legal benefit authorized by filing. Exigent circumstances require a degree of legal acumen, and a level of aggressiveness that proficiency that eludes most do-it-yourself filers. Lawyers constantly research new opinions, rule amendments, and statutory changes in substantive laws. As a result, when an attorney representing creditors spot an ill prepared debtor struggling through the administrative process alone, a flood of routine motions, objections, hearings and adversary proceedings may quickly become overwhelming.

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Minnesota Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Duluth, Fergus Falls, Minneapolis, and St. Paul.

Pro se bankruptcy debtors historically file substandard documents and expect, somehow, to receive piety or mercy from an understanding bankruptcy judge. This sophomore approach is not tolerated, and creates a high probability of dismissals, and in some circumstances, fines and penalties imposed by new mandatory punishment statutes. Toward the opposite extreme, voluble blandishment is also not tolerated, while the most effect tactics rely on black letter law, timely asserted, in correct format, to affirmatively claim legal rights before the courts.