Massachusetts Bankruptcy Courts (MA)

Practice before Massachusetts Bankruptcy Courts with Board Certified Lawyers

In addition to admission by the State Bar Association, all Massachusetts bankruptcy lawyers must be licensed by the Federal Court to represent clients in court on a regular basis. This additional licensure requirement is based upon receiving adequate recommendations of other members of Federal Bar, and demonstrating familiarity with the Federal Rules of Procedure. To assist state residents locate qualified Massachusetts lawyers for Chapter 7 and 13, the State Bar maintains a lawyer directory and free referral service. Only Massachusetts lawyers are included, and are parsed within the directory by location, area of practice, and certification by the board of legal specialization, if any.

Contacts For Massachusetts Bankruptcy Court Information:

The Massachusetts Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Boston, Springfield, and Worcester.

All ethical lawyers abnegate representation when the area of practice or complexity of legal issues involved in beyond the cope of their experience. Most bankruptcy lawyers remain highly specialized in a boutique practice, which generally considered a small niche as compared to general practioners. Less than 3% of all lawyers are board certified as consumer bankruptcy law specialists. This certification does not guarantee superior results, but does indicate a high level of proficiency in the opinion of the Massachusetts State Bar Organization.