Maryland Bankruptcy Courts (MD)

Policies of the Maryland Court and District Rules for all cases

The policy of the Maryland Bankruptcy Courts toward cavalier debtors remains legendary. All debtors should remain constantly aware that cases are a federal proceeding, and federal judges retain expansive authority to dispose of cases within a extended range of options. Certainly, the Federal Code and rules of evidence and procedure were designed with the intent of crating a single standard to regulate all parties, yet the procedural and administrative aspect of resolving cases must grant the immediate ability to maintain discretion. Negligent misrepresentation, intentional falsification, and malapropos disclosure may, and usually do result in dismissal or denial of relief requested. The Maryland Bankruptcy Courts do not cosset debtors, even though mistakes are committed as a result of oversight and cause harmless error.

The Maryland Bankruptcy Court District:

The Maryland Bankruptcy Court Divisions are located in Baltimore, Greenbelt, La Plata, and Salisbury.

The best practice for debtors and their Maryland bankruptcy attorneys is to supplicate, and remain prepared to offer proof of legal compliance and entitlement. Similarly, creditors and their lawyers who file frivolous motions, exert unreasonable demands, or intentional violate the automatic stay are subject to strict fines and sanctions. Overall, the result remains within acceptable legal practices even though few debtors find the experience inviting.