Maine Bankruptcy Courts (ME)

Debtor Rights before the Maine Bankruptcy Court System and the right to appeal

Court personnel are provided immunity from liability for errors and mistakes committed during the administration of cases. The reason for immunity is based in utility for the federal government, because the volume of cases and far reaching financial consequences of errors potential results in billions of dollars each year. All debtors and their attorneys therefore must assume responsibility for not only their legal compliance, but must also accept responsibility for omissions, negligence and incorrect interpretations of law committed by court personnel, judges, and trustees. The remedy afforded debtors in the event a mistake is committed is limited to the right to appeal. For a more effective remedy, a persuasive Maine bankruptcy lawyer may catch mistakes before they becoming permanent, and provide guidance when needed or preserve appellate rights.

Contacting The Maine Bankruptcy Court:

The Maine Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Augusta, Bangor, Portland, and Presque Isle.

Filing an appeal from a decision of the Maine Bankruptcy Court is an expensive and time consuming process. The original judgment of court remains effective, unless and until, a superior court reverses, vacates, or remands matters for further consideration. Federal appeals are permitted only in limited circumstances, and be clear, a bad result or disagreement is not a valid basis for appeal. The basis of appeal must be a violation of law, and in addition, rise above a standard of harmless error.