Louisiana Bankruptcy Courts (LA)

Reported decisions of the Louisiana Bankruptcy Courts and Napoleonic Law

The federal justice system maintains Louisiana Bankruptcy Courts throughout the state, and through the Administrative Office of the United States Courts, maintains an extensive collection of past judicial opinions. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals is also located in New Orleans, and publishes all significant decisions result from appeals. Most lawyers consider Louisiana case opinions intriguing, because of the prevalence of Napoleonic laws in state matters must be applied in federal court with deference. Despite a concerted effort by the Federal government to create homogenous laws in all states, matters of Louisiana common law and Napoleonic law determine many aspects of asset ownership, claim integrity, and the relationship between debtors and their creditors. Out of state lawyers usually find the transition to unfamiliar terms somewhat of a trap, while local Louisiana bankruptcy lawyers enjoy a decided advantage.

Directory of Louisiana Bankruptcy Court Locations By Parishes:

The Louisiana Eastern Bankruptcy Court Division: New Orleans.

The Louisiana Middle Bankruptcy Court Division: Baton Rouge.

The Louisiana Western Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Alexandria, Lake Charles, Monroe, Opelousas, and Shreveport.

Reliance of current law and supporting case options burgeons all legal arguments. In disputed cases before the Louisiana courts, prior decisions are respected as precedent by bankruptcy judges. Decisions of courts within the same division and other Louisiana regions are given primary importance, yet may be overturned by appellate decisions in an Circuit throughout the US. Because of comprehensive new laws and reform acts, the volume of reported Louisiana appellate decisions is expected to grow exponentially.