Indiana Bankruptcy Courts (IN)

Local Rules in Indiana Bankruptcy Courts and related amendments

All Indiana Bankruptcy Courts are subject to supplemental Local Rules created at the national level, and the localized area. The purpose of Local Rules is to clarify the court's procedures and policies in specific circumstances that are considered to mundane or insignificant as to unnecessarily clutter the federal Code, but nevertheless are an integral requirement for daily case administration. Many local rules provide notices regarding change, boilerplate simplification of court prohibitions, and changes in hours of operation, phone numbers, addresses, and other routine matters. But Local rules should not be marginalized, because many case specific requirements are also included and failure to obey may result in an unnecessary dismissal of a case, with prejudice.

Indiana Bankruptcy Court Locations:

Indiana Northern Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Fort Wayne, Gary, Lafayette, and South Bend.

Indiana Southern Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Evansville, Indianapolis, New Albany, and Richmond.

Crafting a response to a motion objecting to a case are seldom successful if intended temporize proceedings with magniloquent oratory, but rather, deserve a clear and precise rebuttal. Courts display little patience for grand speech, circumlocution, and non-responsive answers. All participants would be wise to focus clearly on questions asked and issue at hand, and provide ready answers to only the question asked.