Idaho Bankruptcy Courts (ID)

Trustee for the Idaho Court and administration of cases

In each action initiated in the Idaho Court under Chapter 13 or 7, a trustee must be assigned to administer assets and liabilities, marshal the 341 meeting, and provide recommendations in connection with objections, motions and orders issued by the court. The trustee is separate and distinct from the court, and by judicial fiat, is given considerable deference by judges. Incongruous debtors and creditors in consumer cases confronting the trustee during the 341 meeting must maintain a degree of professional conduct to avoid potential sanctions. Confrontation is expected, yet juvenile behavior results may in swift penalties.

The Idaho Bankruptcy Court Contact Information:

Idaho Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Boise, Coeur d'Alene, Jerome, Moscow, and Pocatello.

The appropriate demeanor when dealing with the trustee and the court rises to a level of respect above typical state courts. Attorneys must follow strict dress codes in federal court. Clients and pro se debtors must conduct themselves in a professional manner. Each judges retains the option of creating Local Rules that apply in all cases.