Hawaii Bankruptcy Courts (HI)

New Filing fees for the Hawaii Court in consumer cases

The filing fee required by the Clerk of the Court changes periodically,for both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 as well as attorney fee guidelines. For low income debtors or those suffering sever economic hardship, the filing fee may be paid based on an installment plan if approved by the court. To receive consideration for an installment plan, the Clerk provides a mandatory application form and filing instructions. The amount of the filing fees required by the Hawaii Bankruptcy Court is different for Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 cases, as well as the legal requirements for qualification as a result of incipient amendments which became effective late in 2005. For 2006 and beyond, the new law for qualification may continue to evolve to require an even more difficult burden upon debtors.

Site For the Hawaii Bankruptcy Court:

The Hawaii Bankruptcy Court, Single Divisions: Hilo, Honolulu, Lihue, and Wailuku.

All courts are becoming increasingly aware of fraud, mulct and misrepresentation in financial disclosures. If errors occur naturally as the result of negligence or innocent mistake, courts may allow correction. However, in the unfortunate circumstance of intentional malfeasance, the Hawaii Court can, and most in most circumstances, will impose sever fines and penalties that bar re-filing. Additionally, criminal liability may attach and result in incarceration.