Georgia Bankruptcy Courts (GA)

Notice letter from the Georgia Bankruptcy Court to creditors after filing

All creditors must receive notice of filing to be included within any case. Creditors may eschew notice, or alternatively, appear, object, or initiate adversary proceedings. In any case, notice is an essential step for success for all debtors. In practice, debtors should ensure written notice is provided through their own attorney, for all creditors, rather than rely upon the Georgia Court. Although the Georgia Bankruptcy Court also sends notice letters to all creditors, be aware that the court is immune from responsibility in the event of errors, omissions, and mistakes.

Georgia Bankruptcy Court Locations:

Georgia Middle Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Albany, Athens, Columbus, Macon, Thomasville, and Valdosta.

Georgia Northern Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Atlanta, Gainesville, Newnan, and Rome.

Georgia Southern Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Augusta, Brunswick, Dublin, Savannah, Statesboro, and Waycoss.

Few debtors file with a mellifluous feeling. Even in the simplest cases, new bankruptcy laws in Georgia create complex legal issues and difficult hurdles for qualification and compliance. Further, the Court is prohibited from offering debtors or creditors legal advice. Endorsements of lawyers, recommendations and referrals are also prohibited. The official sites for each court offers free filing instructions and forms. These free offerings are not intended to explain all options or the effect of elections, and are provided as general information only without warranty of any kind.