Florida Bankruptcy Courts (FL)

Asset verification in Florida Bankruptcy Courts through online access to records

Never underestimate the thoroughness of online search capacities. In each case filed in the Florida bankruptcy courts, filings are verified for ownership of assets, liens, titles, financing statements, taxes owed, property conveyances, and many other transactions with governmental authorities. Child support payment records are routinely accessed. Outstanding warrants will be found, down to the last traffic ticket. The diffident debtor will be unpleasantly surprised if misrepresenting assets, liabilities, and financial disclosures. A far better practice for a wise debtor includes advance planning, and dealing with difficult legal issues before initiating any suit. Planning is essential for success, and with a creative approach for dealing with new bankruptcy laws in Florida, almost all issues may be resolved deftly, or at the very least, a better solution found.

Directory of Florida Bankruptcy Courts and Personnel:

Florida Middle Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Fort Meyers, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa.

Florida Northern Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Gainesville, Panama City, Pensacola, and Tallahassee.

Florida Southern Bankruptcy Court Divisions: Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and West Palm Beach.

If seeking Florida bankruptcy attorneys, the cavalcade of lawyer advertisements may be of little real value. The State Bar of Florida maintains a free lawyer referral program for state residents. Lawyers are classified by area of legal specialization, if any, and areas of practice. Legal specialization offers no assurance of present performance, but does indicate that board certified Florida attorneys specializing in consumer bankruptcy cases have exceeding additional examination and qualification requirements promulgated by the State Bar.