Delaware Bankruptcy Courts (DE)

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The ultimate resolution of each case is documented by a final order. In some cases, an additional suit, known as adversary proceeding, creates a suit within a suit that must be resolved before the grant of a final order. Adversary proceedings often result in judicial opinions that clarify the law in unique factual circumstances. Delaware Court opinions are available online through the court's official site. The legal topics resolved within these opinions range from meek to nefarious, and are available for review free of charge.

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The only Delaware Bankruptcy Court Division: Wilmington.

Although polymath decisions create law perforce, judges nevertheless are provided immunity from personal responsibility. In the event of an error of law, or error assigning proper weight to evidence, all debtors maintain a right to appeal a judge's decision in accordance with the federal rules of appealed procedure. The appeal process is both lengthy and expensive, which places access to appeals beyond the financial reach of typical consumer debtors.